Today 26°C
Heavy T-Storms

UVI 4 Moderate Rain 15.1 mm 100%
Winds SE m/s Risk of Thunder Storm
Tonight 16°C
Mostly Clear

Humidity 92% Rain 0.0 mm 22%
Winds SSE m/s
Tomorrow 29°C
Partly Cloudy

UVI 5 Moderate Rain 0.0 mm 21%
Winds WSW m/s Risk of Thunder Storm
Tomorrow night 15°C
Partly Cloudy

Humidity 79% Rain 0.0 mm 21%
Winds E m/s
Thursday 29°C
Partly Cloudy

UVI 4 Moderate Rain 0.0 mm 18%
Winds SE m/s
Thursday night 16°C
Light Rain Late

Humidity 87% Rain 0.2 mm 63%
Winds ESE m/s
Friday 27°C

UVI 4 Moderate Rain 4.1 mm 74%
Winds ESE m/s Risk of Thunder Storm
Friday night 15°C
Rain / Thunder

Humidity 93% Rain 4.2 mm 82%
Winds SE m/s Risk of Thunder Storm
Saturday 23°C
Light Rain

UVI 3 Moderate Rain 3.7 mm 80%
Winds W m/s
Saturday night 12°C
Light Rain

Humidity 87% Rain 1.8 mm 71%
Winds W m/s
Sunday 21°C

UVI 4 Moderate Rain 1.7 mm 45%
Winds WSW m/s
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